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About Us

Frankly talk we would never dreamed about that hype around the new way of transportation, will take such a dimension. Unfortunately, every success have a downsides and we are often very dismayed when we receive reports of cheap Hoverboards are broken or burning, because: This form of transportation is still the future of movement! The IO Hawk has always been one of the most expensive boards on the market. The prices we not made for profit, we made it for the highest value quality of the product. For this reason there are no damage reports with more than 2.5 million boards sold by IO Hawk.

For our team, since January 2015 it was always special moments to watch how people doing, which drive for the first time on an IO Hawk. Seeing the excitement in his eyes was the greatest gift for us, bigger than any profiteering other companies which deliberately inferior quality goods to sell, thereby endangering the safety of customers.

We want to make a difference and we love all alternative means of transportation, which additionally protect the environment and above all safe. We will continue to work on new versions (hopefully legaly on thr street soon) and are grateful for any feedback from you! We are often have questions: how the development of IO Hawk are started. For this reason, here for you more information about the development .......

December 2014> THE BEGINNING
January 2015

First presentation at CES in Las Vegas

IO HAWK be introduced at the world's largest IT trade show CES Las Vegas and immediately became highlight of trade show. The "Focus" write: The craziest gadget of CES


February 2015

Start in Europa

The Capteq GmbH secures the brand name and design patents in Europe and the product became to market. The target group was mainly the logistics sector.

March 2015

CEBIT Fair 2015

IO Hawk goes for an interview appointment at Cebit 2015 and also without stand immediately became a highlight of the trade show.
April 2015

Hollywood celebrities

IO Hawk present to Justin Bieber one of the devices and he was immediately enthusiastic. Numerous celebrities from Hollywood, including Kanye West, Mike Tyson and many more, want to drive on device. IO Hawk sold overnight more than 8,000 units in the US and the hype begins.


May 2015

First counterfeiting

First Hoverboards other manufacturers that appear to mimic the design of the IO HAWKs on the market. Over the next few months it will produce in Asia more than 11,000 factories which make hoverboards. Among many companies that do not have the necessary technical know-how. IO Hawk is the world leader in Hoverboards. The type of devices are referred to everywhere as IO Hawk.

June 2015

Warning about the dangers

IO HAWK cautions against the use and purchase of unsafe, cheaper Hoverboards and warns of explosions since manufacture, safe quality from device cheaper that $ 700 is not possible.


October 2015

First explosions

As warned by IO HAWK, occur first on accidents with cheap hoverboard. Fires and explosions addressed to massive property damage and personal injury.


burn2 burn1


December 2015

Amazon takes Hoverboards from the program / UK seized more than 15,000 Hoverboards

Amazon takes all hoverboards from the program because the risk of fire is too high. Britain seized 15,000 hoverboard. IO HAWK is not affected. Also in the following months it will no fire with any IO Hawk (to recognize it, just look at "IO" sign on the wheels). Due to the coverage in German media, many parents are cancel the Christmas present for children and want to buy only the original product. IO Hawk Europe has requests from more than 15,000 additional equipment units, but these can not operate.

February 2016

More than 52 fires of cheap Hoverboards in the US alone - also in Germany accumulate the cases -

Due to more than 52 fires in the United States with more than 2 million USD damage mandated the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to develop an American testing laboratory for technical safety, a safety standard for hoverboard. The safety standard UL2272 for Hoverboards

March 2016

UL 2272 Safety Standard

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an American testing laboratory for technical safety published, the world's first safety standard UL2272 for hoverboard. In the tests will not be paid only to the components used, but also the interaction of people. IO Hawk welcomes this standard the last enhances safety. Consumers can be sure that a certified Hoverboard countless tests has undergone.




July 2016

Recall of more than 500,000 Hoverboards

The US government calls back 500,000 Hoverboards of different brands.
IO HAWK is not affected as a brand. In general, there are so far no single case of exploded IO Hawk worldwide.


August 2016

IO Hawk published successor model of IO Hawk Cross, one of the safest in the world Hoverboards

IO HAWK announces the new world's first off-road Hoverboard IO HAWK Cross, which is one of the first UL2272 certified boards ever





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